1. Working on my fitness… 💪😉

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  2. "If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her."
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  5. "The Things I Do For You…"
  6. Because of sadness there are paintings, there are novels.
    Melancholia | Lav Diaz, 2008

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  8. allthingsastrology:

    Leo’s are the Lovers of the Zodiac. They were born to love and to be loved. Romantic relationships are never taken lightly to a Leo. They fall in love pretty fast, and the fall hard. They see love as one of life’s many great experiences. They long for somebody who they can become a whole with;…

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    Just another teen blog! I follow back similar ♥

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  11. fiialqamarr:

    Don’t shame anyone for being loving and caring. The planet needs people who love and care… hate and bitterness is destructive.

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    Chris Brown (feat. Sevyn) - Party Hard/Cadillac

    She’s got the perfect lips, the perfect body
    She’s the life of the party (yeah)
    And she likes to party hard
    She’s such a rock and roller
    But she’s exotic
    She’s the life of my party
    She likes to party hard
    You’re spilling your drinks on me
    Livin’ wild and free
    Girl change my life
    I hope you put your lips on me
    My mind’s playing tricks on me
    We gon party hard

    In my Cadillac
    Moving very fast
    Got a girl
    With a big old ass
    And we go ho hunter
    Gonna have a good time
    Anything she want
    She can get it
    Cause my girl
    She be with it
    And I want her for the rest of my life
    I love to hear her say
    That she loves me
    I love it when she tells me that she needs me
    When she looks in my eyes
    Ooh ooh
    It feels like I’m high
    Ooh ooh
    Hoo whoa hoh hoh hoo

    It don’t take a lot
    All I need is you
    To be the man for me
    But I want it all
    And I’m willing
    To give you what I need
    Baby I
    Ain’t scared to show you the freaky side of me
    Sometimes I fight you off
    But I love it rough
    When you make love to me
    I love it when he says
    That he love me
    And I love it
    When he tells me that he needs me
    When he looks in my eyes
    Ooh ooh
    It feels like I’m high
    Ooh ooh
    Hoo whoa hoh hoh hoo

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  15. "Love does not say “I own you” or “You are mine to manipulate and control”. Love is not conditional, it doesn’t withhold itself for personal gain. It does not possess, but sets free. Or, rather, love sees the inherent freedom in the other, the built-in freedom. It recognises itself looking out of those mysterious eyes over there, and knows that, in truth, there is no other ‘over there’ at all.
    Not two seeing each other, but One with eyes only for itself. We are only meeting ourselves, in myriad forms…"
    — Jeff Foster (via avvfvl)

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